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Please register to join the database of our mentors. Sign up and provide details about your expertise. Share as much of you wish. Visit the Mentees. Make friends and sell your services. Provide a recent photo of yourself and a summary of your expertise. Welcome.
If you are a startup or an existing SME seeking for support, please register under the groups. Under the group provide the name of your enterprise. State what you are seeking for, share your business canvas to assist your case presentation where possible. Welcome.

Our Mentors

I am based in UK, but work to support incubators to develop business models that are lean and functional.

Ralph von Kaufmann

Based in Kenya, support incubators to develop market solutions.


I am based in Ghana. I work with incubators and enterprises to develop financial systems.

Kofi Adin

I am based in Ghana, I support incubators and mentor young people on business development, especially on aquaculture.

Mabel Quarshie

Based in Kenya, support incubators to develop market solutions.

Mentor Mentee platform brings together people working in Agriculture and Agribusiness and matches them according to their affinity for improving Agribusiness. They offer each support with the aim of making their enterprises competitive and leading edge. Watch and listen to Vusi Thembekwayo on why mentorship is an important part of business


  1. Guindo-farming

    Guind-farming was honoured to train 200 young men to get in agribusiness in the northern part of Mali. 18/21 of August in Mopti the fieth région affected by rebelion

  2. Abiola Oluwole

    AAIN success story can not be concluded without touching the life of every youths in Africa, the road map is set, the vision is bright and together we will all achieve the goals.

  3. Hussaini Saraki

    This program will definitely touch the lives of many people in Africa, more particularly, it will empower grassroots farmers to get access to useful information to better their lives.

    1. MentorsAAIN Post author

      – Excellent, remember to set up your company profile under the groups section – You are also encouraged to register your SME/ enterprise. This will be done by setting up a group. Use the name of your Enterprise as the name of the Group. Update information relevant to the enterprise. Be precise and specific in what you are seeking or offering.

  4. winnie phoebe

    AAIN has had great impact in transforming Agriculture in Africa.But as we all continue to empower entrepreneurs let us not forget to also offer job opportunities to agriculture graduates like us.This will go a long way in ensuiring people are motivated to pursue agricultural careers.

  5. Vestine Lorraine

    I think with mentor ship youth in agribusiness will gain a well structured approach of doing things which can help them to be able to respond very well to the needs of their community.

  6. Nana Kofi Berko Amponsah

    I pledge my unflinching support towards this noble cause. I believe a united front in our various agribusiness endeavours would facilitate the common agenda of feeding Africa and the world at large whiles making our individual livelihoods a better one. Thank you.